Brainspotting Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

Are you struggling just to make it through the day?

Living with PTSD is so hard! You have come this far and are more resilient than you think you are. I can help you with the next steps. You are not alone. Please take the time to read through this page. There are some things here that can help you regain your life! I specialize in helping clients go from surviving to thriving. If you think I am someone who can help you, contact me at (303) 444-2003.

Graphic of pencil erasing a tear falling from an eye brainspotting as a treatment for traumaThe human brain, body and mind have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Brainspotting (BSP) honors and celebrates that ability by providing access to trauma through one’s neurological system. As a Brainspotting therapist, I help you frame the issue, start the process of healing, and provide the safe container in which healing can occur. Brainspotting can help you access and heal the emotional, physical, cognitive, and, if desired, spiritual effects that trauma can have on you. 

“Amazing.  Fast. Effective and worth every penny.  That would be enough. But, peeling the onion led me back to the original events that caused the trauma in the first place.  Instead of getting stuck there, it seems my brain has a new subroutine, called ERASE.  I can pretty much invoke it at will now, almost like a meditation.”
-Brainspotting Client

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Brainspotting is Effective for People Who are Struggling with the Following Issues:

  • Brainspotting treatment for ptsd and trauma graphic of red ptsd with some symptoms in text PTSD and Trauma
  • Flashbacks – Recurring traumatic memories that interrupt your life
  • Relationship Problems and Wounds
  • Being Stuck in Grief and Loss
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Crippled by Fears and Phobias
  • Fear of Flying
  • Performance Anxiety and Overcoming Blocks
  • Stress, Panic, and Anxiety
  • Sexual Trauma and Abuse
  • Anger Management
  • Chronic Pain that is not the direct result of a physical injury
  • Addiction and Compulsive Behaviors
  • Negative Self Beliefs and Criticism
  • Depression

Three sessions, and the initial trigger than was causing me so much pain is GONE… Sometimes triggers hit unexpectedly, but I have the tools to deal with them.
– Brainspotting Client

What is Brainspotting

Graphic of brain showing amygdala where brainspotting is effectiveBrainspotting is a tool to help you access the area where trauma is stuck in the brain. A Brainspotting treatment is non-verbal. Because trauma is stored in the non-verbal part of the brain, “talk therapy” cannot access it effectively. Trauma is stored in the part of the brain known as the amygdala. We have learned that by getting the brain to alternate between left and right hemispheres, the brain and body reprocesses information. In reprocessing information, the brain and body are able to clear the stuck energy from the trauma.  Memories are not lost, but the “emotional charge” from the memory will be cleared.

Learn more about brainspotting from Dr. David Grand:

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Information about research on the effectiveness of Brainspotting is on the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute’s website.

A typical brainspotting treatment involves:

  • I will begin by explaining the brainspotting process and how it accesses and clears trauma.
  • The client often wears headphones playing “biolateral” music/nature sounds that help with the reprocessing mentioned above.
  • I help you find a spot in your field of vision (brainspot) that helps you access where the trauma/stuck energy is lodged in the brain.
  • Together, we decide the “target” of the BSP.
  • Then the clearing processing begins. 

If I ever find a tough nugget that needs more skill to break than I can muster, I’ll be back, but so far each layer seems easier to peel than the last.
– Brainspotting Client

Does Brainspotting Work?

photo of unhappy client before brainspotting

In case examples, client’s names have been changed to protect confidentiality:

Suzie and I had been working together on some issues.  That day, she came in and said she was being “triggered” by her daughter and was very frustrated.  We decided to try brainspotting to help her with this issue.  When I asked her what came up for her when she thought of being triggered by her daughter, she talked about an abusive episode with her ex-spouse.  We used that as the target for the brainspotting.  The next week, Suzie came in and said things were better with her daughter.  At our session three weeks later, I noticed Suzie was no longer wearing the wrist and arm braces she’d been wearing for a long time (pain thought to be from repetitive motion and overuse in her job).  When asked about his, she said she no longer experienced the pain in her arms and wrists.

My brainspotting treatment with Joanne was also very successful:

Joanne needed to use an electric wheelchair due to the pain from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and automobile accidents.  After our second session of brainspotting, Joanne left a phone message for me saying that she slept 6 hours pain-free without medication the previous night and was able to walk a block to the mailbox to get her mail.  She said that she hadn’t been able to do these two things in a very long time.

The benefit these women experienced from brainspotting are remarkable.  While not everyone experiences help this profound, almost all of my clients have noticed a difference.

Photo of happy client after successful brainspotting

My Brainspotting Credentials 

Contact me at (303) 444-2003

I am a Certified Brainspotter. I have participated in the highest level of training available in Brainspotting:

  • I have personally trained with David Grand (originator and developer of Brainspotting).
  • David Grand Brianspotting Trainings: Brainspotting 1, Brainspotting 2, Brainspotting 3, Brainspotting 4, Master Class plus a week long, small group Intensive (full week with David Grand)
  • Generational Brainspotting with Ruby Gibson
  • Attachment Brainspotting with Lisa Schwarz 

Quotes from My Clients About Brainspotting Therapy

“I’m not afraid of the intensity of my emotions.  I see myself in the depths and darkness of the ocean and I feel joy.  It is in the darkness, I’ve found light.”  ~ client several sessions after Brainspotting childhood abuse

“The Brainspotting is changing the pace of how I’m living inside of myself.  I’m able to find the softness of my soul.”  ~client

“I’ve done therapy since junior high.  This is the first time I feel better.” ~ 60 year old female client

“I have a right to be happy.  I am a gentle spirit.  I am brave.  I can meet things head on.  I am no longer a victim.” ~ a client who had a long abuse history from her childhood and her ex-husband

Brainspotting initiates and facilitates the healing process in a safe, therapeutic environment. The healing process that begins in your brainspotting sessions can:

  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Help relieve physical pain and discomfort
  • Decrease or remove feelings of fear and anxiety
  • Improve your mood and help you overcome depression

One of the basic premises of Brainspotting is that your brain, body and spirit knows what it needs to do to heal. Brainspotting honors that process. 

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