Brainspotting Case Studies

What can Brainspotting help me with?

Brainspotting is designed to help people access, process, and overcome trauma, painful emotions, and pain, including psychologically induced physical pain. Often my clients come in feeling stuck and need help understanding how to get their lives back.

In case examples, client’s names have been changed to protect confidentiality:

Removing Triggers

Suzie and I had been working together on some issues.  That day, she came in and said she was being “triggered” by her daughter and was very frustrated.  We decided to try Brainspotting to help her with this issue.  When I asked her what came up for her when she thought of being triggered by her daughter, she talked about an abusive episode with her ex-spouse.  We used that as the target for the Brainspotting.  The next week, Suzie came in and said things were better with her daughter.  At our session three weeks later, I noticed Suzie was no longer wearing the wrist and arm braces she’d been wearing for a long time (pain thought to be from repetitive motion and overuse in her job).  When asked about his, she said she no longer experienced the pain in her arms and wrists.

Helping Relieve Real Pain

My Brainspotting treatment with Joanne was also very successful:

Joanne needed to use an electric wheelchair due to the pain from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and automobile accidents.  After our second session of Brainspotting, Joanne left a phone message for me saying that she slept 6 hours pain-free without medication the previous night and was able to walk a block to the mailbox to get her mail.  She said that she hadn’t been able to do these two things in a very long time.

The benefits these women experienced from Brainspotting are remarkable.  While not everyone experiences help this profound, almost all of my clients have noticed a difference.