Counseling Services

I provide counseling services to families, couples, and individuals at my office in Boulder, CO. In addition, I offer in-home work with families when appropriate and desired.

  • Individual Therapy – Our work together is very strengths-based and collaborative. That means we look at what you have been doing that has helped you and apply it to getting through your challenges. We work from your view of the situation. You are the expert on yourself, and I am the expert on the process. Together, we set goals and help you meet your goals.
  • Couple’s Counseling – It is very common that couples repeat the same arguments over and over. In our counseling work, We focus on process instead of on content to help you break the same old patterns that prevent growth and joy in your relationship. So often a lack of sexual contact and intimacy is a barometer of the relationship. I will help you reconnect on all levels.
  • Parenting Support, Step/Blended Family Support and Family Therapy – When working with parents, we explore how you have been parenting; from your viewpoint, your perceived relationship with your children; and discuss what has been working well and what needs to be changed. If possible and desired, I will come into your home to observe how your family works and provide feedback. The configurations of the families with whom I work include both traditional and non-traditional.

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