Couples and Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, in our society there is a stigma against counseling – particularly for couples. Please don’t see yourself as weak or as a failure. Everybody can benefit from couples and marriage counseling. I have helped countless couples reclaim the joy in their relationships. The problems you are experiencing are not unique:

Marriage Counseling with Sharon Kocina

  • Do you feel like your partner is emotionally unavailable or unresponsive?
  • Do you feel like when you reach out to him or her, s/he pulls away?
  • Do you feel like you and your partner are stuck in a frustrating cycle?
  • Underneath all of the hurt and pain, are you unsure whether or not you can count on your partner?
  • Do you wonder if s/he will be there for you?  Do you wonder if you matter to him or her, if you’re valued and accepted by your partner?
  • Has your emotional and/or physical intimacy waned?
  • Is sex non-existent?

My passion is helping your relationship go from surviving to thriving. I will help you find your way through the pain and anguish you are feeling right now! You can get back to that loving, nurturing relationship you desire.

You Can Heal Your Relationship Through Couples and Marriage Counseling 

Couples Counseling in BoulderIn therapy, I work with couples with a blend of Emotionally-Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT), solution – oriented therapy, and Brainspotting.  EFT is shown by research to be very effective in helping couples turn back toward each other through looking at their patterns and working to deepen their connection to each other.  Research studies find that 70-73% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements (for couples who complete the process).

What is EFT?

Photo of couple walking on the beach at sunrise holding handsEFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) was founded by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues in Ottawa, Canada in 1998. While most therapeutic approaches are based on someone’s theory and then developed, the origins of EFT are quite different. Sue has worked with couples for over 20 years and was in the habit of videotaping her sessions. She wondered whether there was a consistent process that worked with clients so she looked back at her tapes to see what was consistent with the couples who benefitted from their therapy. Thus, the underpinnings of EFT came to fruition. It is based on what worked and not the other way around.

The goals of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) are:

  • The ability for one partner to be able to turn to the other in vulnerability and allow the other partner to respond supportively.
  • To create a shift in the way partners interact.
  • To enable partners to see things is a different way and to be able to respond in a more helpful manner.
  • To help build a secure bond between partners.

Through EFT, most couples report lasting changes in their relationship that include:

  • Rekindled romance and passion.
  • A deeper emotional connection between partners.
  • Increased understanding and compassion for one another.
  • Identification of unmet needs and increased ability to respond to those needs.
  • Decreased frustration and anger.
  • Renewed trust and commitment to each other.
  • Greater satisfaction in the relationship.

EFT is a practical technique that has enormous success with couples, and can facilitate change in relationships that exhibit a wide range of challenges.

Does Couples and Marriage Counseling With Sharon Work?

“Deciding to see Sharon for counseling was one of the best things we have ever done for our marriage. Our relationship is now stronger and deeper than ever, thanks to her patient and wise guidance” J & C

Toward the end of therapy, upon check-in, Jane said, “There has been a shift.  [We have] better communication, more intimacy, more affection, more consistency—but not boring; [we’re] getting closer.  I feel more relaxed about our marriage and no longer feel a sense of urgency.  It’s definitely deepening in a new way—slowly.”

Bob said, “Everything’s better.  [There’s] less anger on my part.  It feels freeing:  breaking out of patterns.”  Then Jane said, “He’s responding more patiently.  He’s kinder; more love shown instead of judgment.  It feels safe.”

I have been married for over 28 years (to the same man). My parents have been married for over 60 years and raised 2 kids. Having worked through the ups and downs in my relationship and having witnessed the challenges in my parents’ marriage, plus all my years of experience helping others work through their issues, I have a unique insight into the problems you face.

If you want to have the relationship you desire, call me at (303) 444-2003 to make an appointment or complete the contact form below:

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