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Parenting Support

Family and Stepfamily CounselingParenting today is very different than when we were children. A lot of pressures exist now on kids that didn’t exist when we were their age. The challenges that technology brings are much more complex. In my work with families, many parents aren’t sure whether it’s okay to set limits or what those limits should be. Once you set the limits, how do you enforce them? Parenting used to be fear-based. In general, kids listened to those in authority. This is no longer true.  To be effective, parenting now needs to be based on respect.

Collaborative Parenting: 

  1. Whose Problem is it? – Determine whose problem it is (parent or child) and act accordingly.
  2. I Understand – Use empathy techniques to connect with your child.
  3. Needs Identification and Resolution – Identify your child’s needs and your needs and negotiate a way to meet both needs, if appropriate.
  4. Take Action – Based on the resolution, a course of action is outlined and implemented.
  5. Touching Base – Follow up if needed.

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Family Therapy

What differentiates me from most therapists is my family system’s approach. This enables me to assess where the issues lie and how best to work with you and your family to have the life you desire. I speak with each family member to hear each person’s perspective. We look at family rules, roles, communication and boundaries to see what is working and what is not. Then we work together to come up with a plan to meet your family’s needs.

Due to many factors, families “look” very different. Families with whom I work may have any of the following configurations:

  • both parents (married or unmarried) and child(ren) – different-sex couples or same-sex couples
  • single parent with child(ren)
  • remarried parent with child(ren)
  • grandparent(s) raising grandchild(ren)
  • several generations of families living together

In addition to these make-ups, there are custodial issues and visitation which are not addressed above but are part of the picture. Each of these types of families has its own unique strengths and challenges. I can help you use your strengths to work through the challenges.

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Stepfamily Support

parenting support stepfamily supportStepfamilies, also called blended families, are unique in their make-up, needs, challenges and strengths. According to research, it takes 4 to 7 years for a stepfamily to blend well; unfortunately, in many of these families do not make it that long. Acknowledging the challenges, needs and strengths of your family can help your family not fall into the latter category.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Parents, spouses, and children all feeling pulled in different directions
  • Confusing and/or split loyalties
  • Transitioning when kids are changing households
  • New rules and roles
  • New relationships – wanted and possibly unwanted
  • Grief at what has been lost
  • Societal, familial and individual expectations

Having been in a stepfamily myself and having worked with numerous families negotiating the blending process, I am well equipped to help you and your family successfully navigate these challenges.

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My Experience

One of my favorite counseling jobs was my first job after becoming a Family Therapist. I worked with families who were at risk of having their child(ren) removed from the home due to abuse or neglect. I worked with one to two families/week in their homes for 10 hours each week. I built a very good understanding of what works and doesn’t work well for families, parents and children to thrive. Basically, I was SuperNanny long before the television show.  I can help you. My strengths are:

  • Helping couples and families (including stepfamilies) enhance communication
  • Coaching parents and kids to understand and develop respectful, helpful boundaries
  • Empowering parents and kids to have the best relationship possible

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