Brief Therapy

Solution Oriented Therapy is a type of Brief Therapy designed to focus on people’s strengths. It is about the “here and now”, rather than focusing on your past. You can focus on a single problem and actively work to resolve it.

Solution Oriented Brief TherapyA good example is fear of flying. Sometimes, phobias are based on a past trauma. Many times, the origin of the fear is not evident. By using Brainspotting to reprocess the trauma, you can successfully overcome your fear.

Brief Therapy is often misunderstood as time limited. In Solution Oriented Therapy we:

  1. Set measurable, realistic goals
  2. Determine where we are now
  3. Work toward achieving your goals
  4. Periodically, we assess progress and adapt as needed

I like to call this adaptive therapy. We are flexible in how we view the problem and in working toward your goals, adapt as needed.

While I like this Bob Newhart video as a humorous take on therapy, Brief Therapy isn’t quite this brief:

If working with someone who uses Solution-Oriented Therapy sounds interesting to you, call me at (303) 444-2003 to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

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